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Inspired Design | Graffiti in Afghanistan

I ran across a cool bit about a graffiti artist in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her culture looks down on contemporary art (and thus graffiti) as ‘western’. Yet she has adopted this foreign form of expression to create culturally nascent art. There is a profound and beautiful statement in what she does, the risks she takes (see: land mines).

I’ve long loved graffiti as an artistic expression — not tagging, but inspired urban art. While many often think of it as punk kids and vandals, it can also be a critical eye in very public view.  Banksy is certainly one of the most well-known, a British street artist with prolific socio-political views.

Banksy in Southampton, UK (now painted over)

I highly recommend checking out the film Bomb It, which features street artists from all over the world who use graffiti to beautify or make commentary in public spaces. The Cape Town segment is one of my favorites. I love South Africa, it is one of the most beautiful and complex places I’ve ever been. The artists in the film use graffiti, once seen as solely a political tool, to reclaim and create beauty inside of broken down spaces.

Managing Design Teams | Talking Fundamentals

In a couple of weeks, I’m playing guest lecturer in the ETC’s Fundamentals of Producing class, where future producers in the game design and entertainment industries learn about project management. We’ll be discussing the hardest part of project management — your lovely team.

Since I’ve only got 1.5 hours, I thought I’d focus on communication and how to use it to help your team.

So, design managers…

If you were me, what would you talk about?
What do you think are the hardest parts of managing a design team?
How would you impart that knowledge to new project managers?

(Note: I may steal your ideas for future lecture topics)

Etsy Hacker Grants | Supporting Women in Tech

Hey! All you techie ladies in my life, or people who know techie ladies, or even just ladies that really like to tinker with things and so might be interested in getting into engineering or programming — listen up!

Etsy is intent on supporting and getting more women into engineering, and so, is offering $5,000 grants to 10 female students for the summer session of the New York-based Hacker School. The three month program is free, so the grants are to cover the cost of traveling and living in New York. Their goal is to bring 20 women to New York for the program, whereas the current group only has one women out of its 20 students.

So come on ladies, the odds are good and it’s three months in NYC! Let’s fight the Dave-to-Girl Ratio*!!

* For those of you not from Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science program: the Dave-to-Girl Ratio was developed to reflect the number of men named Dave versus the number of women in the program. At CMU, this ratio was once frightenly weighted toward the Dave side (and still is in many tech spots).