Creative Firms of the Future | Part 1: It’s Only Just Begun

I spent last week in Montana working on branding and web design for my dad’s consulting business. While I was there I met Amy Coseo, owner of a marketing and communications design firm called¬†Studio Verde Creative. After years spent as an account manager in design firms, Amy decided to venture out on her own. She now marries the roles of ‘creative’ and ‘suit’, acting both as account manager and creative director for her projects and then bringing in contracted designers for each project. This approach allows her the flexibility to match designers’ skills with projects and gives her complete control over schedules and budgets. Sounds pretty fantastic for both Amy and her clients!

Amy’s business model is reflective of some research I did in grad school around the structure of creative organizations and how they might shift to address our changing economy and workforce. ¬†In some upcoming posts I’ll talk a bit about those ideas, their impact on future creative leaders and the skills they’ll need to succeed.


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