Creative Capstone

During my final semester at Carnegie Mellon, I completed an independent study under the watchful eye of management guru, Denise Rousseau. This research was truly the capstone of my time at CMU and looked at the future of management in creative industries and the next generation of creative leaders. I combined practice and theory, drawing together:

  • creative industries
  • creative process and its management
  • generations, specifically Gen X
  • our changing business environment
  • leadership development

I also interviewed  Gen X creatives about their approach to management and the challenges they face in implementing that approach.

Rather than writing a paper, I started my blog to track my findings and ideas along the way. I also created this 3′ x 5′ mind map detailing my research. (the second file is a printable, close-up of each section)



In addition, I wrote the following article for Gen X creative managers. Many of those I talked with expressed frustration about how they were (or weren’t) being developed as manager. This article is meant to provide some quick insight into managing creativity, the skills Gen X creative managers need to build, and some nontraditional ways to build those skills.


Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.