Calling all creative directors, design leads, producers…

Our world is changing quickly. Design firms are becoming more integral parts of business and business decisions. How we work and client expectations are pushing against long-held beliefs about how we manage the design process. And yet in creative industries, where we’re lauded for our ability to innovate, few are actually making valuable changes in how we manage creative firms and teams.

I’m passionate about helping creatives rethink management, developing:

  • cultures that break down ego and build peer relationships
  • leadership that supports people and teams
  • professional growth that focuses on more than design skills
  • cross-pollination and multidisciplinary design

This site is filled with my musings, research and resources about the place that creativity and management converge.

Change how you lead your creatives.

My Credentials

My professional trajectory is defined by my love for design and designers, focusing on:

  • creative organizations and teams
  • branding and communications
  • organizational and business strategy

I’ve spent over a decade connecting interesting ideas to impact creative people and firms. In the real world, I have worked as a consultant and an internal marketing manager – developing organizational strategies, managing creatives and coaching up-and-comers. In addition, academia provided me with a strong foundation in business, organizational management and creativity.


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