About Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Roberts – strategist, questioner, tinkerer, creative. I love design, strategy, communication and managing teams like a boss (as well as normal stuff like video games and the odd HBO series). I’ve spent a lot of time:

  • helping organizations thrive – questioning their assumptions and designing strategies that combine risk-taking with sound research.
  • cultivating teams that function as more than a sum of their parts through collaboration, accountability and professional growth.
  • finding natural synergies between organizations and their customers and developing interesting ways to connect the two.

For the last four years, I’ve led ed-tech projects at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. First, developing a new online platform for collaboration, and then working to reinvigorate a well-known educational tool. I led cross-disciplinary teams through design, strategy, growth and change; connecting with some of the most innovative spaces and people in education.

Prior to that, I spent a decade working in marketing and project management in a variety of design industries.


     Or check out my grad school research on leadership in creative industries.